The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 31 January 2008

A sequence of photographs to illustrate just how fast conditions can change up here on the fells. The first photo was taken at 13:15:05 and the one within the squall at 13:17:52, just 2 minutes 47 seconds later.

Approaching snow squall, wide view   Approaching snow squall, closer view
13:15:05 - 31 January 2008   13:17:00 - 31 January 2008
A heavy snow pellet squall approaches from the north.

Edge of squall in middle distance   Within the squall
13:17:10 - 31 January 2008   13:17:52 - 31 January 2008

The edge of the squall approaches up the road in the left hand photo, the first wave of snow pellets can be seen across the road to the left of the lone tree.

The right hand photo shows the much reduced visibilty within the squall as the 5mm diameter snow pellets hammer down. Note that even though 42 seconds seperate these two pictures the edge arrived in about half that time as I had retreated to the safety of my car and driven a few yards up the road to take the second photo.

After the squall

Half an hour later and the sun is out through patchy cloud and the visibilty back to several miles to the distant Grey Nag.

13:49:08 - 31 January 2008

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