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Photographs - 19 July 2007

The second flash flood for the Alston area within a week on the 19th July 2007. Around 50mm (2") of rain fell between 1700 and 1800 in a violent and localised thunderstorm. Another 15mm or so fell in the few hours after the storm. This amount of rain in such a short period produced vast amounts of run off causing local flash flooding and damage. Several homes were flooded in Alston, part of the Primary School boundary wall was deliberately demolished to relieve the water and sadly a man died trying to bail out his cellar.

These photographs were taken nearly 24hrs after the storm.
This storm is also illustrated on the Events page.

The other flash floods:
17th July 2007 Knarsdale (Photos).
23rd July 2007 Ash Gill (Photos).

Thortergill Bridge The small water fall by the bridge at Thortergill. Note the flattened grass above the rocks on the far side of the fall. Compare this image with that of the 30 July 2007.
16:28 - 20 July 2007

By Garrigill Bridge   By Garrigill Bridge
16:22 - 20 July 2007   16:22 - 20 July 2007
Damage to road surface adjacent to Garrigill Bridge.

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