The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 29 March 2006

There was a partial eclipse of the Sun at Howhill this morning. Starting about 1050 BST and ending around 1215 BST with a maximun at 1135BST.

Partial Elcipse About the time of maximum obscuration of the sun by the moon.
11:23 - 29 March 2006

Observation Setup

The "advanced Blue Peter" sun observation set up. A pair of 10x24 binoculars wired to the pan and tilt head of a photographic tripod. The same wire also fixed a piece of card with a single hole in it to allow light through one half of the binoculars and to provide a shadow for the projected sun image.

Always use safe methods, such as the illustrated projection method, when observing the sun. NEVER look directly at the sun or through an optical instrument.

11:23 - 29 March 2006

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