The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 28 April 2005

Shed on its roof

About 1400 we heard a funny noise outside, on investigation we found the shed upside down and about 15' from its base. All the weather station external sensors were attached to this shed. Needless to say there is no external weather data available at the moment.

It wasn't all that windy, only F7/F8 and gusting to 50mph+, the shed has survived stronger winds in the past. But this time it was empty due to the fact I have been recladding one of the walls and putting in a new floor.

The two bits of string either side of the window are a temporary measure to stop the floor of the shed flipping off and into the road just over the wall.

14:50 - 28 April 2005

Howhill Weather - Photos
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