The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 24 February 2005

Road with Snow Drift A large drift doing its best to block the B6277 about a 1/4 of a mile from Howhill towards Alston. If the snow ploughs were not coming through every hour or so the road would be completely blocked.
10:45 - 24 February 2005

Snow drifts encroaching on road Looking the other way from the above image. The 3' deep drifts carry on for several hundred yards around the corner.
10:44 - 24 February 2005

Powder snow gets every where Blasted powder snow gets in through the tiniest crack or hole. This door is draught proofed on the outside but there must be gap between the storm seal and draught exclusion.
14:44 - 24 February 2005

Howhill Weather - Photos
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