The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 23 February 2005

Finally we get some snow this winter. We had had less than 100mm (4") of snow for the entire winter up until the beginning of this week. We normally get around 400mm (15") of snow a year, with a goodly portion of that before the end of February.

Snow drifts Drifts at the top of the paddock, about 18" at the end of the wall and a over two feet down wind of the gate post.
13:54 - 23 February 2005

Snow castle Snow castle constructed with the aid of a 4l ice cream tub. The snow was "quarried" from the foot deep drift to the centre left of the picture. The snow we normally get is too light and dry to roll up into snow balls so it has to be moulded.
14:42 - 23 February 2005

Howhill Weather - Photos
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