The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 21 January 2005

A large coronal mass ejection associated with a X7-class solar flare early on the 20th Jan led to this aurora on the evening of the 21st. This event was visible over much of northern England dispite the bright moon.

Apart from the first one, these images have been gamma corrected. It's such along time since we had the last visible aurora I had forgotten the best camera settings... B-(

Aurora Looking north west.
21:07 - 21 January 2005

Aurora Looking north east. Moonlight illuminates the tree.
21:11 - 21 January 2005

Aurora The plough and aurora.
21:16 - 21 January 2005

Aurora Moonlight for the ground, aurora in the sky.
21:26 - 21 January 2005

Aurora Aurora over Howhill.
21:38 - 21 January 2005

Howhill Weather - Photos
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