The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 28 January 2004

During a sudden snow squall   After a sudden snow squall
12:00 - 28 January 2004   14:48 - 28 January 2004

During and after near blizzard conditions as a cold front passes through.

The sudden increase in wind from F3 Gentle Breeze (approx 10mph) to F6 Strong Breeze (approx 28mph) gusting to the mid 30s mph lifted the earlier 3cm accumulation of powder snow into the air and combining with new snow/snow pellets producing nasty conditions for about 15 minutes.

I'd been tempted outside by blue skies and bright sunshine about 15 mins before to take some "pretties" of the snow and got caught in this. I should have tried a bit of movie as that would have been a much better illustration of the swirling and blowing snow.

See the 5°C temperature drop and spike in the wind speed on the 28 January 2004 events page.

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