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Photographs - 04 January 2003

I only took the photographs of these natural phenomena, I had no hand in creating them.

Hanging icicle

An icicle, approximately 50mm x 5mm, hanging by a spiders thread. How do you think this icicle formed?

Did the water run down the thread to the lowest point and form the icicle there?

14:23 - 4 January 2003
Hanging icicle No. The icicle orginally formed on the roof edge trapping the thread inside. During a subsequent thaw the icicle broke free from the roof but was suspended by the thread.
12:16 - 4 January 2003

Suspended ice Here is another bit suspended ice. It is a little easier to work out where this odd shaped piece came from. The suspension medium is dry grass.
12:14 - 4 January 2003

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