The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 30 July 2002

Panorama of approaching storm
11:52 - 30 July 2002

The first storm approaches. This panorama, from Howhill, is a 180° view running from SSW on the left to NNE. The gust front and rain arrived about 15 minutes later. The first signs of the approaching precipitation can be seen coming over the distant moor approximately ¼ of the way in from the left hand side. Cross Fell (893m, 2928') is the slight bump to the left of the rain.

This storm is also illustrated on the Events page.

The day of the storms   Normal
Near Thortergill   Near Thortergill
15:38 - 30 July 2002   15:16 - 4 August 2002
Small waterfall by the road below Thortergill Force.

River South Tyne from Railway   River South Tyne from Railway
15:56 - 30 July 2002   14:27 - 4 August 2002
The River South Tyne looking from the railway embankment towards Tyne Willows.

Bush in River South Tyne   Bush in River South Tyne
16:04 - 30 July 2002   14:26 - 4 August 2002
Close up of the bush on the right hand edge of the above image. Note the size of the bow wave: the water is moving at a fast walking pace. The flood water was up to the base of the drystone wall.

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