The Weather at Howhill

Photographs - 23 February 2002

The previous day had seen frequent and heavy snow showers passing through. As the temperature fell the snow started to last between the showers until the air temperature got to 0°C at about 1600. A few more showers came through overnight and left us with about 9" (25cm) of lying snow and some reasonable drifts.

All these images have been adjusted for contrast & colour balance. The originals are very flat and underexposed. I've played a bit since I took these pictures and the auto white balance seems to work fairly well, but the even bright white light still seems to confuse the auto exposure.

Snow drift by wall Drift on lee side of wall into our paddock. The wall is about 5' high. The level part of the drift is about 8' long.
09:15 - 23 February 2002

View after snow melt Same view but a fortnight later after the snow had melted. This photo was taken after a cold front had passed through and the weather had cleared from the morning's snow followed by heavy rain. What doesn't show is the F7 Near Gale (35mph average) that was blowing at the time.
14:55 - 10 Mar 2002

Snow blown through wall Snow blown through the drystone walls.
12:22 - 23 Feb 2002

More snow blown through walls More snow through the drystone walls and encasing the tree guards. Lying depth of about 12" here.
12:19 - 23 Feb 2002

Close up of above Closer view of the above. Note that the rabbits are about.
12:18 - 23 Feb 2002

View up the road towards Howhill Looking up the Garrigill road towards Howhill. The foreground drift is just a couple of feet high.
09:26 - 23 Feb 2002

Snow covered leeside of the house The leeside of the house, well plastered with snow, which swirls around in this area as can be seen by the "shadow" by the downspout.
09:23 - 23 Feb 2002

Snow covered compost bins Partly-buried compost bins. The black one peeping out on the left is around 3' high.
09:00 - 23 Feb 2002

Leeside snow plastering Lee side again. Anything on the exposed side is either clear of snow or crusted in ice.
09:30 - 23 Feb 2002

General view across the South Tyne valley A general view across the South Tyne valley towards Rotherhope Fell.
10:43 - 23 Feb 2002

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