The Weather at Howhill

Events - 24 December 1999

A bit of a stormy Christmas Eve. Shortly after the sudden increase in wind speed at 2000 the shed roof decided to take a flying lesson. Moderately successful for a shed roof, it landed about 25 yards away clearing one drystone wall and the road completely, just clipping a second drystone wall which probably stopped its flight.

It was "fun" outside picking up the bits from the road and making the wreckage safe and rescuing stuff from the shed. Jump straight up a little and you'd land 12" to 18" from your take off point. Leaning into such a gusty wind was dangerous, as you had to lean beyond where you could stand up. If the wind suddenly dropped you could end up a heap on the ground being bowled along...

This day also shows one of the lowest barometric pressures recorded here.

temp Graph
humid Graph
baro Graph
speed Graph
dir Graph

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