Pot Luck Crafts

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For further information.

Gift boxes:

Small attractive boxes, many made from recycled greetings cards.


Vintage Style Handknits:

A range of stylish garments, handmade to original patterns from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, for adults and children. Your handknit will be unique, as we guarantee that although more than one with the same pattern may be made, we will not repeat the same colourway with that pattern.

These lovely handknits are available to order in the sizes and patterns shown.

Contemporary handknits:

These are patterns from more recent years, including Aran and colourwork garments.

We can also knit to your own pattern.

Blankets, throws, afghans and cushion covers:

Knitted and crocheted patchwork.

Ordering Information:

Boxes, Knitwear, Blankets & throws

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