Foot & Mouth Disease

in the North of England

A rough map of the locations of F&M disease in the North of England.
Most marks represent more than one case.

It is interesting to look at the early maps and see how it has spread.
On the later ones look for odd isolated cases appearing away from the main infected areas.

Mid May shows isolated clusters of cases appearing in a matter of days.

In fact one of these "isolated clusters" developed into the major outbreak around Settle and Skipton in North Yorkshire. Compare the 7th May map (no cases in Settle/Skipton) with one at the end of May or early June.

Another cluster appears on the 23rd August in Northumberland by the 27th this had grown to 11 cases. The last case in this county had been 12 weeks before. The nearest concurrent cases are the ones to the south of Penrith, about 30 miles distant over high moorland.

This is the last map since there have been no more confirmed cases since 30th September 2001.

Previous Maps

24th March 2001
25th March 2001
29th March 2001
30th March 2001
31st March 2001


1st April 2001
6th April 2001
7th April 2001
8th April 2001
9th April 2001
10th April 2001
11th April 2001
12th April 2001
13th April 2001
15th April 2001
16th April 2001
17th April 2001
18th April 2001
19th April 2001
21st April 2001
24th April 2001
25th April 2001


1st May 2001
2nd May 2001
4th May 2001
7th May 2001
12th May 2001
16th May 2001
20th May 2001
23rd May 2001
26th May 2001
28th May 2001
31st May 2001


3rd June 2001
10th June 2001
13th June 2001
23rd June 2001
29th June 2001


7th July 2001
15th July 2001
21st July 2001
28th July 2001

2nd August 2001
10th August 2001
20th August 2001
25th August 2001
27th August 2001

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